Britocoil - Non-Acid Aluminium Coil Cleaner And Brightener



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Brand KCH
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Accept Small Orders Yes
Fulfilment Capacity (Per Month): 100
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BRITOCOIL is a Non Acid Coil Cleaner & Brightener specially formulated for cleaning AC's and AHU's.

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    Powerful Foaming action

    Saves energy costs

    Dilutes up to 20 parts with water

    Saves downtime and costly repairs

    Easy to use

    Features & Benefits:

    Powerful foaming action quickly dissolves dust and dirt deposits

    Cleans from inside out

    Strips off harmful insulating deposits

    Saves up to 15% on energy consumption

    Economical-can be diluted up to 20 parts with water

    Easy to use and Versatile

    Contains bio-degradable surfactants


    For Heavy dirt coils: 1:4 parts of water.

    For medium dirt use 1:8 or 10 parts of water

    For fins brightening use 1: 20 parts with water.

    Approximately 4 Liters is needed to clean a 8’ x 4’ single row AHU

    Application Area: Hotels, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industries, Engineering Industries, Software Parks, Air conditioning contractors etc.

  • Specification

    Cleaning Chemicals
    Physical State Liquid
    Color Red
    Appearance Transparent
    Viscocity Non Viscous
    Odour Characteristics
    pH 12.5-13.5
    Solubility Completely Soluble
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