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Brand KCH
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PERFECT CLEAN is a heavy-duty cleaner that penetrates grime, strips away heavy grease, soot, oils, dirt, road film, even to heavily soiled surfaces effectively. It is non-silicate, which can be used on glass, paint, rubber, anodized aluminium, and polished surfaced without destroy the surface. It also acts as corrosion inhibitor.

It is a user-friendly cleaner product with non-toxic, and biodegradable surfactants. It is safe to use for most industries – automotive, manufacturing, marine, food processing, construction etc.

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    Features & Benefits:

    • Effective for fleet Washing, steam cleaning and degreasing
    • Does not harm most surfaces
    • Has a very deep penetrating action
    • Safe to be used on automotive finishes
    • Eliminated the need for rinsing
    • Non-flammable
    • Contains bio-degradable surfactants
    • Ideal for use on construction machinery, tractors, trucks and fleet vehicles, tanks etc

    Other Details:

    • Effective for fleet Washing, steam cleaning and de-greasing
    • Does not harm most surfaces
    • Non-flammable
    • Safe to be used on automotive finishes
    • contains bio-degradable surfactants


    • Heavy dirt industrial floors: 1: 25 parts of water
    • Medium dirt industrial floors: 1:40 parts of water
    • Light soils and general cleaning : 1: 100 parts of water (While using in machines, use suitable defoamer in the collection tank)
    • For Di-phase cleaning: 1 part Perfect clean with 2 parts of solvent (Solclean) and 2 parts of water.

    Application Area: Hotels, Hospitals, Automobile workshops, Industries etc.

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