PL-L 18W


PL-L 18W

Renesola LED PLL -18 watts is the best retrofit replacement for 36 watts CFL PLL with base 2G11 with robust quality and very good illuminations. It saves 50% power and lumen out put is much better than Conventional lightnings.


LED Flat Panel Light

Aesthetically appealing design with classic white finish, renesola LED Flat Panel Light come with high output LEDs embedded along the edge of their aluminum frames to give glare free uniform lighting. Apart form regular 2 ftx2ft size, also available in 4ftx1ft and 2ftx1ft sizes to cater to specific architectural requirements.We are an accomplished organization which has gained name and fame in providing LED Flat Panel Light to the customers. Moreover, we offer these lights in various specifications.


Accurate dimension

Long life

User friendly

Light weight

Damage resistance

Fine finish


Voltage Capacity: 100-240 Volt 50/60 hz

Power Flux CCT Size (mm)

36W 2880 lm 3000K/4000K/6500K 596*596*8.6

48W 3840lm 3000K/4000K/6500K 596*596*8.6

55W 4120 lm 3000K/4000K/6500K 596*596*8.6

24W 1800 lm 3000K/4000K/6500K 296*596*8.6

36W 2880 lm 3000K/4000K/6500K 296*1196*8.6

48W 3840 lm 3000K/4000K/6500K 296*1196*8.6


Cleaning & Descaling Agent


Powerful chemical cleaning action with special corrosion inhibitors

Harmless to most paints and finishes

Economical and easy to apply

Safe to handle


Excellent construction cleaner to remove dirt, cement dropping, scales from masonry, glazed tile, stone and concrete blocks

Work like maintenance magic to clean buildings and machinery

Can be used to de-scale boilers, generators, radiators, air conditioning systems, cooling towers etc

Instantly removes rust and corrosion


OXAWAY-EXTRA: Chemical Cleaner

  • Cleans lime deposits, rust, scale, stain, mineral sediments and scum.
  • Effective on most metal surfaces including brass and copper.
  • Easy to use and versatile.
  • Economical – Dilutes upto 10 Parts with water.
  • Special wetting agents dissolve tough carbonates that hold deposit together.
  • Ideal for cleaning mixture trucks, heat exchanger equipment, condensers, brass and copper tubing, boilers, masonary applications like removal of excess concrete from new brickwork, mortar and lime scale, mineral deposits in fountains etc.
  • Safe to handle for end user.


PERFECT CLEAN - Heavy Duty Cleaner - Degreaser

PERFECT CLEAN is a heavy-duty cleaner that penetrates grime, strips away heavy grease, soot, oils, dirt, road film, even to heavily soiled surfaces effectively. It is non-silicate, which can be used on glass, paint, rubber, anodized aluminium, and polished surfaced without destroy the surface. It also acts as corrosion inhibitor.

It is a user-friendly cleaner product with non-toxic, and biodegradable surfactants. It is safe to use for most industries – automotive, manufacturing, marine, food processing, construction etc.


Fuji Frenic Mini VFD

Fuji AC Drive Series provides excellent performance for both single-phase and three-phase applications, and is available in multiple configurations to support 1/8 HP up to 20 HP AC drives / variable frequency drives (VFD) / v/ Hz vector drives. With an expanded range of rated voltages, the new FRENIC-Mini strikes an optimal balance between price and performance.



Shihlin SC3 inverter - 0.2KW~5.5KW


Shihlin SA3 VFD

Shihlin SA3 inverter- 0.75KW ~ 315KW


Britocoil - Non-Acid Aluminium Coil Cleaner And Brightener

BRITOCOIL is a Non Acid Coil Cleaner & Brightener specially formulated for cleaning AC's and AHU's.